PRAAT PAAL online is a shared learning online community focused on training innovation and entrepreneurial skills. It’s a e-learning platform where all business and innovative skills are being trained for and by innovators. Courses like Design Thinking, Pitching, Innovation Model Canvas, Growth Hacking, Productivity and more on a facebook like community, which focusses on learning from the content, the assignments ánd each other, are being taught with the 70-20-10 principle of learning from Charles Jennings. Our mission is helping innovators win awards, succeed with their innovation and grow their business. Not only in developed countries where a lot of resources are already available, but also in developing countries. We believe everybody deserves the change to grow and excel with their company. That’s why we make our platform available for free to organizations in developing countries that support entrepreneurship. Here innovation = There innovation! So change the world, innovate and learn new skills along the way. Vist our website or contact us directly:

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